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Dazzling multimedia components and streaming audio/video

Acme Design is an experienced design company addressing communication and interaction challenges of our clients. We can help create dynamic and interactive presentations to show the full potential of your product or service.

We are experts in bringing your existing media (content) together into interactive and informative Flash presentations and deliver this rich media through your website or on CD-ROM.

Acme Design can help you create photographic, video and audio content and convert your existing material to digital format for a variety of uses.

Why Multimedia?
Whether your goal is to persuade potential customers, present information to coworkers, or impress the CEO, you're going to need a presentation with pizzazz - something that appeals to your audience's senses and captures their undivided attention. This is at the root of multimedia presentations and/or streaming media authoring.

Why choose Acme Design over anyone else?
Acme Design creates engaging and functional presentations, product demo and animations that educate, inform and entertain. We use the latest in Flash and multimedia design to create powerful and persuasive experiences that maximize your exposure and reinforce your message. Yet, we also have the experience to know when you shouldn't use Flash animation and guide its use to where it will be the most effective.

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Case Study - Interprise Inc.

When Will Roberts, the Marketing Manager of Interprise Inc., a world leader in staffing solutions called us about a Flash intro for the Interprise Inc. website, all he knew was that he wanted something simple and to the point.

Acme Design researched the Interprise Inc. website and isolated it's selling points as well as target market. We then produced a catchy Flash intro movie which features:

+ A custom looping audio track
+ Custom graphics featuring Acme Design stock photography
+ Professional Copywriting
+ Complete multimedia file size under 1Mb

Click here to view the Interprise Inc. intro. (Or click here if your popups are disabled)

We are ready to custom design a Flash intro or component for you and engage your potential clients with dazzling multimedia interactive content.

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