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Services Offered

Cost effective production services and much more!

Acme Design specializes in the Production of Web & Print Ready Digital Content and Internet Marketing Solutions using today's utmost in Software and Hardware.

We offer the following services locally and/or remotely:

+ Web Consulting (We answer your questions in plain English Monday to Friday)
+ Web & Graphic Design (We produce user friendly Award Winning work since 1995)
+ Multimedia Production (Engaging Streaming and/or Interactive Media)
+ Photography (Smashing Stock and Commercial photography for all your projects)
+ Internet Marketing (Cost effective Web Marketing sure to maximize your ROI)

If you are in the market for a Turnkey Website or dazzling Multimedia components featuring High Impact Graphics, you came to the right place.

Are you looking to spice-up your already existing web presence? We can help.

Internet Marketing Gurus
Some of you are looking to achieve better rankings on major Search Engines, this is an area of expertise where Acme continues to surpass client expectations, we invite you to browse below and consult our extensive array of services.

You may also visit our "A la Carte" section where various specific services are listed and priced according to industry rates.

To consult our rate card "a la carte", please click here.

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Our Services Array

Consulting (Remotely or on location)
Web Presence / Website Analysis
Web Hosting Solutions
Internet Marketing / Search Engine Technology
Multimedia Authoring & Production
E-commerce Integration & Setup

Graphic / Internet Website Design
Custom Turnkey Website / Webpage Design
Custom Interactive Design for Internet & Intranets
Custom Logo Design
Custom Graphic Design for Print / Media

Multimedia Production
Macromedia Flash Movies, Intros and Components
Real Player - Quicktime Encoding and Production
Streaming Audio & Video CD & Mini-CD Production, Authoring and Rendering
DVD Production, Authoring and Rendering
Google Adwords video Production, Authoring and Rendering
Viral video Production

Photography & Video
Digital Photography & Video Production
QTVR Panoramas & Virtual Tours
Digital Video Post-Production & Editing
Digital Photography Post-Production & Editing

Web / Internet Services
Website / Domain Hosting
Website / Domain name Registration & Setup
Webmaster Services & Website Maintenance
Administration / Back-end Support

Online Marketing
Search Engine Ranking and Placement (Sample Ranking Report)
Pay-per-Click Advertising with Major Search Engines (Sample PPC Report)
Custom Meta-Tag Optimization
Establishing of Strategic Partnerships
E-mail Services & Newsletter Production
Online & Location Marketing Consulting

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