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Meet Our Team

Serving Him through You from 3 countries, since 1995

Our team is made of dedicated web professionals working out of the United-States, Canada and Europe.

Our production department is headed by Daniel St.Pierre, a servant.

Acme's output mainly features Daniel's biblically inspired, sales driven creativity. To meet or surpass projected goals, Acme Design uses virtual contractors to assist Daniel and his associate producers to extend work beyond our doors.

Daniel St.Pierre also heads our Tampa Bay based Photography studio and is assisted by junior photographers Stephan Trontin and Elizabeth Ross.

Our marketing department continues to dazzle clients worldwide and is led by Daniel St.Pierre, assisted by Elizabeth Ross and Sebastian Ponce.

Acme Design employs numerous established web savvy subcontractors from the United-States or Canada to work on projects requiring additional skills and/or specific expertise.

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Our Team

Daniel St.Pierre heads a small group of web professionals working from various locations serving clients worldwide. Our administrative and executive team team consists of:

Daniel St.Pierre (St-Petersburg, FL - Director of Operations/Marketing)
Sebastian Ponce (Berlin Germany - Media Production/Marketing)
Dennis Adams (Manchester England - District Sales Manager/Marketing)
Marie Leblanc (Paris France - District Sales Manager)
Bernard Williams (Laguna Hills CA - District Sales Manager)
Pier Morton Buerkas (Oslow Norway - Internet Marketing)
Brad Goyette (Clearwater Beach FL - Photography/Web Production)

We specialize in Website Design, Multimedia Production and Online Marketing. Our production work and various industry expertise are critically acclaimed having been featured with the following online and/or print publications:

Modern Domainer Magazine (Austin, TX - December 2007 and February 2008)
Nielsen Business Media (New York, NY - April 2008)
St Pete Times (St Petersburg FL - January 2006)
Orange County Register (Orange County CA - April 2001)
Aliso Viejo News (Aliso Viejo CA - March 2001)
Montreal Mirror (Montreal PQ - Numerous mentions)
USA (Atlanta GA - January 2001)
College of the Sequoias (Visalia CA - November 2003) (Various website production awards since 1997)
St Pete Times & (Interview, February 2010)

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